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Lauer Sound is a independent record label based in London with a myriad of entertainment services for artists, brands, and community alike. From event creation, strategic partnerships, and brand development to label & distribution services. Lauer Sound has developed a reputation for innovative thinking, community development, high-level curation, and results-driven marketing.

Lauer Sound work directly with artists, managers and labels to provide everything needs to take music projects to market. Our experienced team will work with the artists to create strategies whether you’re a chart-topping act or an emerging artist.

What we do

DIRECT DISTRIBUTION: Through our established global distribution and licensing network, we distribute physical products (vinyl and CDs) and deliver digital to online retailers. We also manage and advise on all aspects of production.

SOCIAL MEDIA: We develop social media strategies, manage social media accounts, and implement campaigns. Clients can use our services for one-off campaigns or full-time management.

LEGAL AND BUSINESS: Our legal and business services are informed by industry best practice. We negotiate agreements on behalf of our labels, and draft or advise on contracts.

DESIGN: Our design services cover artwork for digital, vinyl and CD releases, and all marketing materials for digital and print, including posters, web banners and email newsletters.


Featured Artist

Sergio Frigerio
"Medicaments for the soul" is one of the reasons for which I decided to conceive “Per Crucem Ad Astra”.
It is certainly something small, but that’s all I can and I’m capable of doing, to try to fight what I consider to be the real disease of this century: existential nihilism.
Its symptoms consist in the strong sensation to suppress ourselves and the values that give importance to the life of each single individual. Mystic values, human values, material and social values…the “oblivion” annihilates all our values and expectations day after day. Many souls wander as empty bags around cities worldwide. They try to compensate these great empty soul spaces with new ephemeral sensations proposed by the media on a daily basis, thus worsening more and more the situation. We lose the sense of love within us, and with it, the sense of family, art, history, spirituality, socialisation, freedom, honesty, above all intellectual, and all other values built throughout centuries of history.
The songs featured in the project refer to Christ and Christian humanism. “Crist”… remarkably deep root of many values still embodied by the laic and Christian culture and “Christian humanism”, that perpetrated atrocities in his name, but also filled history and culture with thoughts and works of extraordinary importance and immense beauty.
My desire is that the listener will embrace these musical medicaments to find aspects of himself or herself apparently buried but in reality only dormant.


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